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Raft the Canadian Grand River into the land of the Mohawk and Iroquois. Stop on route to meet a traditional Mohawk speaker and learn about the Iroquoian culture within southern Ontario’s Grand River.

BRANTFORD, ON, CANADA  - Grand River Rafting has created a unique learning adventure where people can experience the Mohawk Iroquois culture while paddling through the wilderness beauty of the Grand River Valley.

This learning adventure has not only attracted visitors outside of Canada but has also drawn the attention of schools & families within southern Ontario seeking a day’s outdoor learning adventure. The chance to paddle a river and interact with a Mohawk speaker is something many would like to do… an outdoor living museum.

The difference with Grand River Rafting is that it does not promote non-authentic teachings and costume that many Hollywood Tepee Tourisms offer. The Iroquois where not a people of huge feathered head bonnets that lived in tepees… riding horses and shooting buffalo.

Wolf Thomas, a Mohawk is one of the traditional speakers. Authenticity and preservation of traditional Iroquoian culture is very important to him. Wolf is also very knowledgeable on native treaties and history of the Iroquois. He also has an interesting selection of furs, artifacts and teaching aids to visually enhance the learning experience with him.

Wolf has excellent communication skills and is very easy to listen to. His blend of sincerity, integrity and humour enriches the moment. He is very skilled at group interaction. The opportunity to experience a presentation and visit with Wolf offers a refreshing outlook with gainful insight of the Iroquois Nation… past present and future.

The aboriginal adventure works as follows: the rafting trips paddle down the river and meets Wolf along the way. It is an informal teaching period with lots of opportunity for questions and interaction. Also included on this trip is the opportunity to drink from fresh springs, learn about the wildlife and fish and experience a hike on edible and medicinal plants of the valley.

Eight person rafts with guides have been deliberately chosen as the boat to use because they allow anyone of any size, age and skill to safely experience the paddle without fear of tipping. Guided canoe and kayak trips are also available. This learning experience is one hour west of Toronto on the Grand River. The cost is $180 per raft for up to eight people with an additional $50 honorarium for the entire group for a traditional native speaker.

For groups uncomfortable on the water… but wishing a land based aboriginal experience, there are Hiking Classroomsthat travel with Wolf and guiding staff to learn about the Iroquois culture, wildlife and edible plants of the Grand River Valley.

So whether it is a hike or paddle… come visit the Grand River Valley for a day’s outing that combines learning and aboriginal teaching… this outdoor classroom adventure of Southern Ontario might just be the place to be.

About Grand River Rafting Company

A learning adventure based company promoting outdoor experiences in kayaking, hiking, biking, canoeing, fishing, rafting and camping in the Grand River Valley in Paris, Ontario. Staff consists of a skilled forester teaching native history, edible plants, wildlife and canoe/kayak lessons.

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